Living Louisiana History: Prairieville Middle School


First Edition Book Release

A reflection of the landscape and architecture of Oak Alley Plantation 

“Where words fall short of describing a special memory, a photograph can take us there.”

This hard-cover, 112-page book takes the reader on a photographic tour of the iconic Oak Alley Plantation, the home, slave quarters, gardens, and famous alley of live oak trees.

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An Educational Visit to Prairieville Middle!

Prairieville Middle School recently hosted 'Living Louisiana History,' a full day dedicated to reinforcing Louisiana history with all of their middle schoolers.

Many guest speakers were invited to present various topics to the students, and Oak Alley Plantations's Gary Dauphin was invited to present about the impact of Creole life on Louisiana History.
The students were incredibly polite and asked wonderful questions, as they sat through 30 minute segments about French colonization, the Creoles, Oak Alley's Roman family, sugar cane and slavery, and about Oak Alley Foundation.
One of Oak Alley Foundation's main missions is community education!  If you are interested in a school field trip to Oak Alley, please contact Hillary Loeber.  If you are interested in having Oak Alley present at your school, Please contact Gary Dauphin.