A Family Legacy


Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn is open and offering breakfast & lunch service, shopping and overnight accommodations with safeguards in place to accommodate for social distancing.  

Oak Alley Misty Morning
"Hold fast to that which is good."

Over the years, many wonderful and fascinating individuals have had a hand in shaping a dream for Oak Alley ... some tried and won, some tried and lost, others just tried and gave up. Still, they all had one thing in common ... they CARED enough to try. 

When the Stewarts purchased the property in 1925, it was to be their home, a mere cattle ranch where Josephine could tend to her  gardens adjacent to the antebellum mansion and ride horses through the vast acres of this historic plantation.  But during her time living at the plantation, she saw a greater purpose for the plantation when it was no longer her home.  So in 1969, Josephine, with the assistance of her nephew, Zeb Mayhew, Sr., established a nonprofit foundation that would encompass the antebellum Big House and the immediate 25 historic acres, Oak Alley Plantation.  The mission of the Foundation is to allow visitors from around the world to learn the history of the working sugarcane plantation and those who once resided here and to educate the public generally on the plantation's history.   

The remainder of the property was gifted to her great nieces and nephews including Zeb Mayhew, Jr.  It was during his first year at the plantation while greeting visitors that he experienced basic economics- supply and demand.  There was a great need (demand) for more amenities including food & beverage.   Louisiana has always been known for not only the cultural scene but also the culinary experience and that he would supply.  Like with anything, start out small, nurture it and make it grow. 

The once brown bag servicing restaurant has grown into a full service establishment that showcases the rich flavors of the area, serving favorite Cajun/Creole dishes like red beans & rice, chicken & andouille gumbo and po-boys and much more. 

Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant & Inn also offers guests the opportunity to spend the night in both 19th century old and modern deluxe cottages where guests can dive deeper into the culture. 

We welcome you to explore the culture of this region, it's history, cuisine and it's people.