Before and After: Restoring a 150 Year Old Doll Armoire

Conservationist Richard Branyan works miracles on a piece of Oak Alley history.

In 2012, Oak Alley acquired a doll's armoire belonging to Jeanne Roman De La Villebeuvre, the daughter of A.B. Roman (Jacques' brother).   The armoire was in pretty bad shape!  Over 150 years of little girls playing with it had taken a toll: the mirror was damaged and trim-work had fallen off the front. Even the original marble showed signs of being broken and badly repaired.
This fall, Oak Alley’s assistant curator Sarah wrapped the fragile toy and brought it to conservationist Richard Branyan — and it’s back! In Richard’s capable hands the tiny treasure looks as good as new.  
To learn more about historical conservationist Richard Branyan: