Sugarcane Theater

The Sugarcane Theatre invites visitors to both learn how the crop shaped Oak Alley’s past, as well as the role that it plays in the region today, through a mix of exhibit displays and video presentations.

The exhibit tells the story of how the Roman family built an agricultural empire based on “white gold” and the influence their family held in politics, banking and slave trading. Displays detail the interdependent nature of sugarcane and slavery, and the repercussions felt by thousands of people enslaved for the benefit of this high-maintenance yet lucrative crop. Other displays take guests through the process of cultivating sugarcane—planting, growing, harvesting—both in the 1800s and then today.

AAA Gem Designation

Oak Alley Plantation is a AAA Gem. Attractions distinguished with the Gem Designation are judged to be of exceptional interest and quality by AAA's professional evaluators. Read more about the Gem Designation.