Civil War Encampment

The Colonel

The Civil War Interpretive Exhibit consists of a commanding officer's tent, staffed most days by one of our three Civil War interpreters. These interpreters, along with our video kiosk, will allow visitors to understand one of the most crucial periods in this nation's history. Enjoy small group discussions with one of our Historical Interpreters who are available to answer your specific questions.

Why was the war fought? How did the war affect Louisiana's citizens, culture and economy? How did Oak Alley Plantation suffer during the war?

The U.S. Civil War brought hundreds of battles and skirmishes to Louisiana, and cost the lives of thousands of citizens. This war also had a direct impact on the River Region and upon Oak Alley Plantation. Learn more about this period in Oak Alley's history at this engaging exhibit.


Oak Alley - Confederate Tent Exhibit

AAA Gem Designation

Oak Alley Plantation is a AAA Gem. Attractions distinguished with the Gem Designation are judged to be of exceptional interest and quality by AAA's professional evaluators. Read more about the Gem Designation.