Oak Alley Plantation

Photography Contest

Calling for Spring 2017 Entries

Amateur and professional photographers alike are invited to submit their favorite photos taken during a recent visit to the plantation.  This contest not only gives photographers the opportunity to share their work but also provides us an opportunity to promote the plantation experience "through the cameras" of visitors from around the world.

Current contest runs from
January 1, 2017 through April 30, 2017.                                                                                                                                              All submissions must be recieved no later than 11:59 p.m. (CST) on April 30 to be considered. 


Select the category for the photo being submitted.  You may submit in up to 2 categories.

1) Photographic Art (Professional or Amateur):
* Photograph is shot and / or processed in HDR.
* Photograph is heavily modified in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. [more than just minor edits, color corrections and straightening].
* Photograph has had filters applied from Instagram, etc. 
* Infrared photographs, 360-degree photos, panoramic photos, etc.
2) Professional: (If any one of these describe you and the image is not classified as Photographic Art)
 * Ever sold a photograph.
 * Ever had a photograph published in a magazine or newspaper.
 * Ever been paid to take photographs for an event or person.
 * Have previously won a photo contest.
3) Amateur:
 * If none of the Professional categories describe you (or your photo).
 * If this specific photo does not fit the description of Photographic Art.

- Each category will have a first place, second place and third place winner.

 - Prizes to be awarded:

      1st place in category: To be announced shortly.

      2nd and 3rd place in category: To be announced shortly.

      All entries will receive access to a free downloadable copy of the eBook from this contest.

Entry Form and Instructions: 

1) Copy all of the text in this form and paste this form into an email.  Do not submit as Word document.  Please be sure to read the official rule (link below) before submitting.  By submitting, you agree to the officials rules of the contest. 

2) Fill out the blanks below in your email.

3) Title the email Spring 2017 Photo Contest Entry

3) Attach one photograph per email, in the highest resolution you have it.

4) Send email to: Photos@OakAlleyPlantation.org


Photographer's name: _________________________________________


Your telephone number : ___ (        )_______________________


Mailing address 1: _________________________________________


Mailing address 2: _________________________________________


City - State - Zip - Country: _________________________________________


Category of EACH Photograph: (choose one, see description in contest rules)


__ Photographic Art (see desription above)

__ Professional  (see desription above)

__ Amateur


IMPORTANT: How did you learn about our photography contest:

__ Website  __ Handout from ticketbooth  ___ Instagram or Twitter or FaceBook message from our staff  _ Other _____________________



Title of Photograph: _________________________________________ (example: "My View of the Trees")

Name of Photograph file: __________________  (example: IMG0023.PNG)


Tell us a little about you and your photo:


I am _________________ living in _____________________ and I enjoy ___________________________.  I submitted this photograph because, to me, it captures or symbolizes ___________________________________.


What do you find unique about your photo; What you were trying to capture?


Anything unique about your visit to Oak Alley?


Type an "X" in this blank: _____ to tell us that you agree to all contest rules as posted.


* Include 1 photograph in each email.  You may submit multiple emails if you have more than one photo to submit!


Official Contest Rules 

Past Winners and E-Books



AAA Gem Designation

Oak Alley Plantation is a AAA Gem. Attractions distinguished with the Gem Designation are judged to be of exceptional interest and quality by AAA's professional evaluators. Read more about the Gem Designation.