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We love our fans, and our fans love seeing pictures of our beautiful historic grounds! We have created a nice picture eBook for you to download to your computer, phone or iPad! Click the PDF link below to download this photo ebook.

-- the staff of Oak Alley Foundation

Italian travel website Viaggi highly recommends to its readers that they make plans to visit Oak Alley Plantation.  We humbly thank you, Viaggi!

We don't speak much Italian, but the gist of the article was: "Anyone visiting Louisiana must visit Oak Alley Plantation!"

The website went onto highlight our alley of oaks, the history of the Roman family, and our talented historical interpreters.

Shot earlier in the summer of 2013, MissMe Clothing company created a promotional video for their fall line of jeans-focused clothing. Searching out the the most iconic scenery in the area to highlight their clothing, the firm and its media production company chose Oak Alley Plantation as the setting for this video collage.

Here is a glimpse of Miss Me's LOVE campaign, shot at the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana with model Lydia Hearst.

Oak Alley Welcomes SABIT: In June, Oak Alley was honored to host the U.S. Department of Commerce's SABIT Program: Destination Development and Marketing delegation.  The SABIT Hotel Management delegation which is a program to facilitate an open exchange of ideas with diverse countries, and provides their delegations with valuable & practical information to improve tourism infrastructure in their homelands. SABIT targets economic decision-makers from the countries of the former Soviet Union and other regions of the world.

Oak Alley was honored to host a performance by Grammy-award winning Zydeco artist, Chubby Carrier.  Mr. Carrier and his band performed in our West Pavilion to a thrilled crowd, and had many Zydeco dancers up-and-swinging, even joining him on stage.

Chef Tony Reymundo prepared a wonderful dinner for attendees, and "mais cher, a good time was had by all!"

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, this canopied path is created by a double row of live oaks.
"A Most Extravagant Example of America's Highfalutin Past"
Oak Alley Foundation Education: Bayou Country Children's Museum

Helen M. Orcutt of the Tulsa Examiner recently published an outstanding article about Oak Alley Plantation, featuring our newest exhibit "Slavery at Oak Alley."

Ms. Orcutt mentioned several key aspects of the Oak Alley experience that made the visit special for her: our Southern hospitality, beautiful Big House and grounds, and our determination to keep history "alive" for our visitors. She was fascinated about the inclusiveness created by the beautiful antebellum Big House mansion and reconstructed slave quarters, both of which help us tell the complete story of Oak Alley's 300-year-old history.

When building an engaging new exhibit, how does Oak Alley research the best methods for sharing history?