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The public non-profit Oak Alley Foundation is entrusted with preserving this historic plantation. Your contributions can assist us in keeping our trees healthy, our grounds gorgeous, and our history alive.


Donate to Oak Alley Foundation

The Oak Alley Foundation is committed to restoring and preserving the historic grounds and house museum at Oak Alley. Private contributions further the restoration efforts, educational programs, research, and acquisitions-- all serving to strengthen the Oak Alley experience. By becoming an Oak Alley donor, you help to preserve the legacy of this National Historic Landmark for future generations.

How to Contribute

I support the Oak Alley Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of the house museum and the interpretation and care of its historic landscape, for the educational and cultural betterment of all visitors.

Donate to Oak Alley Foundation by selecting one of the options below:

1) Donate securely online by clicking the button below.

2) Donate by mail.  Download and print this form, complete the form, and mail with your check or credit card information:

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3) Shop online with our affiliate stores.  By shopping with these specific, trusted vendors online, these vendors will donate a small portion of each purchase to Oak Alley Foundation.

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 Oak Alley Foundation’s IRS form 990 Return of Exempt Organization is available at the Oak Alley Plantation administrative office during normal business hours.